Aura Kids X IT Cosmetics: A Mindful Chat on Motherhood & Self Care

Aura Kids X IT Cosmetics: A Mindful Chat on Motherhood & Self Care

Aura Kids' founder, Gurpreet Virdi-Bains, was recently invited to co-host an Instagram Live conversation with Lisa Chang & IT Cosmetics for Mothers Day! Gurpreet and Lisa discussed a range of topics including Career, Motherhood, Self-care tips, Gratitude, and the Inspiration behind Aura Kids.

During the conversation, Gurpreet shared her journey as a Mother, Entrepreneur, and Author of Children's books that promote Mindfulness and Gratitude. She emphasized the importance of taking care of oneself, especially during challenging times, and how practicing Gratitude can lead to a more fulfilling and enjoyable life. 

As Lisa is also a working Mom, the conversation touched on the challenges of balancing work and family life. Gurpreet shared her own experiences of juggling Motherhood and Entrepreneurship, and how she strives to create a positive impact on the World through her work with Aura Kids.

If you missed the Instagram Live, don't worry! The recording is still available for viewing on the IT Cosmetics' Instagram page. Click Here to hear more about Gurpreet's inspiring story and tips for cultivating a Grateful mindset.

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