About Us

Welcome to Aura Kids | The Gratitude Company! Gurpreet is a passionate Mom who is on a mission to make the world a brighter place through the power of Gratitude and Mindfulness.

With a background in Social Work and Teaching, Gurpreet has always wanted to write her own children's books. One day, while shopping for her Daughter, she struggled to find the resources she was looking for in a bookstore. It was then that she realized the time was right for her to bring her ideas to the world. That's when Gurpreet and her husband created Aura Kids - a platform to share the stories, values, and knowledge they are learning and teaching their kids.

At Aura Kids, they take great pride in the work they do and are grateful for the opportunity to create products that make a positive impact on people's lives. They believe in instilling Gratitude and Mindfulness at an early age to give the next generation of leaders a head start towards developing the awareness, love, confidence, and self-belief they need to achieve their highest potential and light the way for others.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Aura Kids and their mission.

About Gurpreet & Bram

Gurpreet is a Digital Creator, Blogger and Childrens Author with a background in Social Work and passion for Teaching and Storytelling.

Bram is a self taught Photographer, Entrepreneur and Creative Producer with a background in Insurance and a passion for Self Development, Design and Innovation. 

To learn more about the Founders, visit their personal websites by clicking the links below:

Gurpreet Virdi-Bains / Bram Bains