Presenting our new book - Gratitude Pizza!!!

Presenting our new book - Gratitude Pizza!!!

After a year in the making we are so happy to present our newest Childrens Book, Gratitude Pizza! 

This book is: 






🍕..and Delicious?!

As you know, we set out on a mission to create books to teach children about the art of gratitude but in a simple and fun way. We have always taught our Children to show gratitude to the smallest things, everyday.

After each bath since they were babies.. we say “thank you water for making me clean”.  Simple... but gets their brain registering gratitude in the smallest forms. The same thing happened when we were having pizza parties at home. We would thank each ingredient and Its very source. It was then that the idea of Gratitude Pizza was born. We are so excited to share this book with you and your loved ones. We just know it will be appreciated and loved. 

Gratitude Pizza is now available for Pre-Order in our shop and will be shipping in the Spring of 2023. 

This book is dedicated to the hardworking farmers that feed the World, thank you!

With gratitude,


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