Start Small with Gratitude

Start Small with Gratitude

Oftentimes when I ask someone to name a few things they’re grateful for- they have a hard time thinking of what to say and put wayyy too much thought into it.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

You don’t have to list accomplishments or milestones that you’re grateful for, that’s not how gratitude works.

To really master the art of gratitude- start small.

Start by being thankful for the small things first and watch how your energy starts to shift. 

Small things to be grateful for:

+ Freedom

+ Fresh air

+ Working lungs

+ Legs for walking

+ Your senses

+ A roof over your head

+ Access to clean water

+ Waking up to see another day

Another thing that raises your vibration is appreciating the small things that spark joy, and carrying that energy forward.

Here are some little things that bring me happiness

+ Handwritten notes/letters 

+ The air after-rainfall 

+ Freshly washed bedsheets 

+ That first sip of coffee 

+ Waking up before your alarm clock 

+ Belly-aching laughs 

+ Finding a pen that writes perfectly smooth 

+ Completed to-do lists 

+ Tossing something and getting it in *Kobe*

+ Stargazing 

+ Walking barefoot on freshly cut grass

Doesn't it feel good to look at the World from this perspective?

Your turn! What small things brings you joy? Email us your lists or tag us on Instagram @aurakidsco

We hope you have a great day!

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