6 Benefits of a Toddler Led Nature Walk

6 Benefits of a Toddler Led Nature Walk

One of our favourite activities as a family is going on nature walks.

Rain or shine, we love getting out! We notice an instant change in our mood and energy.

We already know that getting out in nature has endless benefits but experiencing it through the eyes of a child… SO rewarding. 

We love going to the nearby parks as they offer consistency for our children- letting them explore in the comfort of their neighbourhood.

Discovering new places is so magical with children, this is where we let our children do a led nature walk.

Our favourite way to explore is to let the kids take the lead. They always rise to the challenge and take pride in leading the way.

Sometimes we take turns on leading and other times they work together to navigate.

We love seeing the world through their eyes- and seeing their confidence grow.

Here are 6 Benefits of a Toddler Led Nature Walk:

  1. Allows the toddler to take charge of their adventure
  2. Fosters independence and leadership
  3. Allows the toddler to gain confidence
  4. Instills pride in their accomplishments
  5. Develop a closer relationship with the natural world
  6. The toddler feels like a valued and contributing member of a group or family

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