9 Things that Helped Me Wean my Toddler OFF Screen Time

9 Things that Helped Me Wean my Toddler OFF Screen Time

First & foremost… I am NOT against screen time.

Gosh If it wasn’t for Blippi & Ryan’s World- I may have not made it through some of my toughest days.

However, we found it just wasn’t working for our family. 

Aura started to get very cranky and demanding with screen time.

She would come downstairs and demand I put it on.

If I refused, she would throw a full out tantrum! It was annoying.. and I gave into it a few times before I put a complete stop to it.

This is not normal behaviour for Aura so we knew it was the screen time causing this and it had to go  

What I Did:
I woke up one day and decided it was not happening anymore. 

On Day 1 she begged me for TV and even tried forcefully taking my phone out of my hands.. several times.

I never once gave in.

She cried and threw a tantrum (it was a full out withdrawal). 

Days 2-3 were similar. 

Day 4- she stopped asking for it. 

Day 5-7 she completely forgot about it and has had no interest in it since. 

9 Things that Helped:

  1. New workbooks & books to read
  2. Gratitude flash cards and affirmation discs - available in our shop :)
  3. New play-things/toys set out
  4. Building Forts
  5. Allowing her to destroy the Christmas tree 
  6. Getting messy! Lots of sensory activities
  7. Baking with me
  8. Hide and seek (a lot of it) 
  9. Learning ABCs and Numbers

Aura is using her imagination more than ever now and it’s honestly pretty damn cool!

We love pretending to be kids with her.

She has not asked us for TV or our phones even once… it’s been two weeks! 

It’s important to treat screen time withdrawal with care and empathy.

Children go through a dopamine withdrawal and need lots of stimulation to fill that void.

Be prepared with new activities, be compassionate and patient. 

Oh, and most importantly: be a good role model…we found it helpful when we  limited our screen time in front of her. 

If we can do it, you can do it too!

Let us know your stories and experiences by emailing us or tagging us on Instagram @aurakidsco. 

Good luck :)

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