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Aura Kids

Children's Book about Gratitude and Nature

Children's Book about Gratitude and Nature

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Title: Aura's Gratitude for Nature

Author: Gurpreet Virdi-Bains

Material : Hardcover

From the back of the book:

What are you grateful for?
Join Aura on her walk as she shows gratitude for the littlest joys that surround us all.
Come and slow your pace to sync with the rhythms of nature. This book demonstrates the beautiful art of gratitude to young readers.


Aura’s Gratitude for Nature’ is a short children’s book about appreciating and giving thanks to nature and all that surrounds us- all from a child’s perspective.

The beautiful thing about this book is that everyone can relate to it- we all have access to nature because its available to us worldwide!

We believe that gratitude for children can be a very powerful tool, with lots of benefits to mental and physical health. So why wait? The best time to invite a mindful nourishing dialogue between you and your child is now!

This book was made mindfully with lots of love.

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