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Aura Kids

Gratitude Cards for Kids

Gratitude Cards for Kids

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The ability to show gratitude in any form is one that requires conscious effort, reinforcement, repetition and practice. 

This is why Aura Kids created the Gratitude Cards to teach children to be grateful for everyday things- every day.

Simply go through the cards with your child on a daily basis. Have your child reflect on why they are grateful for that certain item, as every child has their own unique reason as to why.

Encourage your child to come up with more than one reason per card.

Gratitude flash cards are more effective when spoken out loud and used on a regular basis.

Further Learning:

*Point out different colours on each card

*Teach your child to spell each item

*Ask your child to find the item in your home

Whats Included:

*25 Double Sided Cards
*50 Illustrations
*Instruction Card and Learning Guide
*Canvas Carry Bag

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